Why RFG Capital? What makes us different?

The average American family saves only 4 cents of every dollar earned* and spends the other 96. Most financial advisors focus on providing investment strategies for only those 4 cents. At RFG Capital, we take a different approach. We analyze the entire dollar and specialize in finding areas of your spending that are creating money-sapping wealth transfers of which you may not be aware.

Wealth transfers can include taxes on compounding returns in a taxable account, term insurance premiums, interest on credit cards, auto loans, leases, declining tax deductions on prepaying mortgage principal, and future tax liabilities on earnings from contributions to qualified plans.

Assume you earn $100,000 a year, save 4%, and make a 5% rate of return on your savings – that equals $200 in investment returns. If we can help you find just 2% of your earnings in hidden wealth transfers, you could save $2,000 more a year. That increases your rate of return on your existing savings from 5% to 55%, without taking any additional risks!

So, how do we make a difference?

First, we analyze all your earnings, expenses, and savings. Second, we find wealth transfers and help you bring the money back. Then, and only then, do we build your long-term financial plan and investment strategy that optimizes the use of all your money.

It is an unconventional approach I know, in a world filled with inefficient, systematic, large-scale, financial institutions that are focusing mainly on how much you have to invest. While we are unconventional, we feel it is the right thing to do in order to build the best financial future possible for you and your loved ones.

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