As a fully independent Registered Investment Advisory firm, we can avoid the conflicts of interest that are inherent to serving the agenda of a third-party entity.  Our objective is to remain aligned with your goals while maintaining transparency – from our fee structures to the investments and solutions we recommend. We take a holistic approach to our clients' unique requirements for financial planning and wealth management.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are fully committed and legally obligated to a direct, fiduciary relationship with you our clients. This means we are required to always act in your best financial interest, exclusively for your benefit. You pay us for our advice via reasonable and transparent advisor fees, with no hidden incentives to sell particular products or make unnecessary trades. Finally, we care deeply about helping you achieve financial confidence via our high-touch level of client service.

RFG Capital provides access to personalized investment strategies that incorporate a value-oriented approach with a focus on protecting investor capital through various market environments.  Applying the expertise of investment specialists. RFG Capital combines fundamental, quantitative and technical factors to build portfolios designed to capitalize on market inefficiencies.

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